termination-240-483963992Employment at will issues are often hashed out in the courtroom, defending against them, especially those involving wrongful termination lawsuits, require significant industry expertise. This, combined with exhaustive research and complete analysis, are key elements to a successful outcome in court.

When it comes to wrongful termination cases, there are some specific things that litigation support professionals should pay particular attention to. These include:

  • Audit management procedures and policies.
  • The ability to thoroughly review personnel files and actions against employees.
  • Complete analysis of the labor market and current industry statistics.
  • The calculation of economic losses.
  • The valuation of lost earnings and benefits, as well as the development of financial forecasts using historical data.
  • The determination of the validity of a termination.
  • The ability to prepare a detailed report of all the findings.
  • Testimony in court as needed.

Using these in a thorough and professional manner help law firms return their clients to normal business operations as soon as possible. Contact Filler & Associates for more information about the litigation support services in wrongful termination lawsuits, or other employment-related actions.