Business Owner Accounting Services

Financial Planning

As a small business owner, good financial planning can protect both you and your business. A properly structured financial plan enables you to face any financial challenge that may present itself to your business. Through the financial planning process, we can help you assess your financial needs and develop strategies that will enable you to achieve your goals and strengthen your business’ and personal financial security.

Estate Planning, Estate & Trust Tax Preparation

Effective estate planning facilitates the orderly transfer of assets to your beneficiaries, provides security for your surviving spouse, and can reduce or eliminate the tax due on the transfer of your business and other assets. For business owners, providing for business continuity and succession of ownership is essential. We can guide you through the complex process of getting your financial affairs in order.

Retirement Planning

Successful implementation and periodic review of your financial plan will ensure financial independence through your retirement years. As a business owner you have more control and more at stake in your retirement planning. You are in charge of planning your own retirement, and may also assist your employees with preparing for their own retirement.

Filler & Associates has worked with small business owners who are sole proprietors, partners or corporate shareholders to help them plan for their financial security after they leave their small business.

Tax Planning

Our tax planning services for small business owners, takes into consideration your personal financial goals along with the business goals. Understanding your entire financial position will allow us to guide you in planning for tax liabilities on both the business side and individual side.

Tax Preparation

Tax preparation is a significant part of your duties as a business owner. Our experienced staff can develop tax strategies that take advantage of new tax laws and legislation.

When we work on both your corporate tax return and individual tax returns, we are able to understand and give advice that benefits both you and your business. Using the latest technology, but guided by our experienced CPAs, your taxes will be prepared efficiently and accurately.

Business Succession Planning

Effective coordination of the transition of your business to your successors is critical to ensure its continued success once you decide to remove yourself from the company’s day-to-day operations. With a solid background in tax and other financial matters, we are fully qualified to address the complex issues of business continuation and can assist you in developing a strategically sound plan.

Whether you plan to transition the company to another family member, sell the firm to employees or sell the business outright, we can help you plan.

Accounting Software Selection & Implementation

There is a variety of computerized accounting software available to business owners, including QuickBooks and other tools. As accounting professionals, we are exposed to and use many of them. We can help you choose the software that’s right for your business, and help you or a staff member implement it. Filler & Associates have professional QuickBooks ProAdvisors on staff.