Litigation Support

We have experience working with law firms in and around Portland, Maine including Cumberland county, York county, Androscoggin county and throughout the state of Maine.

We provide accounting litigation support by:

Defining issues

By identifying key accounting, financial, economic and industry issues, we provide the theory and outline of proof. After isolating damage issues, we also determine what records and key personnel may be needed to further investigate these issues.

Fact finding and documentation

We collect and review relevant information, provide studies and projections, and report on strengths and weaknesses of evidence. We can also assist with product requests, interrogatories, claims and depositions.

Response to discovery

While preparing additional or alternative information based on new assumptions or developments in the case, we can analyze and discuss the significance of information obtained by the opposition. Additionally, we generate or review trial exhibits.

Compiling & Analyzing Financial Data

Business Valuations

For contracts, dispute resolution, estate and gift tax filings, acquisitions and divestitures, valuations are essential.

Business Interruption Claims

We prepare either estimates of lost gross earnings and saved expenses, or lost net income and continuing expenses, as well as estimates of delay and overhead costs, and projections of costs to complete or terminate contracts to support damage suits.

Change Orders and Claims

We define the impact of alterations and analyze claims, including direct and indirect costs incurred.

Contract Costs

Auditing costs to determine accordance with generally accepted accounting practices and principles (GAAP) specified in a contract is a regular part of our services.

Forensic Accounting

We use accounting and auditing skills to provide an analysis of financial records in conjunction with dispute resolutions, as well as fraud and theft investigation. Our damage measurement methods can determine the extent of financial loss and illegal accounting practices.

Pretrial, trial and post-trial

Expert Witness

We will serve as expert witnesses or prepare others to testify. We may draft testimony outlines for review and list possible cross-examination questions and responses.

Commercial Damages

We review and analyze available financial records to give professional opinions on commercial damages.

Litigation Support

We are available to attend trial to support you in the examination and cross-examination of witnesses as well as to evaluate the opponent’s trial exhibits.

Court Accountings

Estate and trust settlement and preparation of final tax returns satisfy client and government requirements.

Lost Profit Claims

Evaluation of lost sales, production and overhead costs, profits and losses, cash flows, opportunity costs, rates of return and ranges of damages are crucial to such litigation.

Insurance Claims

We provide claim preparation, documentation and support for inventory and property losses, as well as accounting and tax alternatives for recognition of loss and recovery.

Feasibility studies & projections

When clients need justifiable bases for acquisitions, divestitures, reorganizations or business expansion, they often require these services.

Tax Planning Assistance

Recipients of court awards may need help deciding how settlements should be managed.

Types of Litigation Support Cases and Services

Tax Fraud or Evasion

Analysis of transactions, documentation of net worth and preparation for IRS examinations can help your clients to substantiate their positions.

Antitrust Suits

Cost calculations and studies of accounting, finance, marketing or pricing practices yield valuable insights into the merits of such cases.

Bankruptcy & Reorganizations

Clients may require audits, reviews or examinations. They may also need computations of earnings and profits or assistance with trustee and creditor committees.


Business valuations and tax strategies for parties involved in a divorce frequently determine acceptable settlements.

Personal Injury

Calculations of lost earnings due to injury permit juries to determine appropriate awards.

Wrongful Death

Calculations of personal assets, business assets or worth to present in court to determine appropriate compensation to survivors.

Wrongful Termination

Analysis of wages lost due to wrongful termination helps determine acceptable settlements.