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Business Valuation Services

Whether you are selling or buying a business, planning your estate or settling a contract dispute, it’s critical to have a sound, professional valuation opinion from a firm that will stand behind its conclusions.

Business owners frequently make best-guess estimates of business value based on rules of thumb, book value, or an old appraisal report. Relying on these informal, inaccurate or even outdated measures of worth can lead to underestimates of value and costly mistakes.

Lenders, insurers, the courts and government agencies are increasingly insisting on expert opinions to support claims where value is concerned.

We specialize in working with individuals and owner-operated businesses in Portland, Maine and across Southern Maine. As Certified Public Accountants who are Accredited in Business Valuation, we understand the unique business, management and tax needs you face. As business advisors, we provide you, our small-business entrepreneurial clients, with tax planning and management advice.